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R IMART TRADING PVT LTD, Which was incepted on June 2006 with registered in India as multi trading buying house for which as the vendor chemicals / minerals / marine foods.

MOHAMMED AL ZOABI CORPORTATION, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as vendor for Saudi Arabian oil company, supply of Barite from India on a mineral trading.

R IMART is a general agent for JKR Holdings which has a base in kingdom of Baharain which as strong presence of imports into Bharain for sea foods & Poultry products and exports of Petroleum bi Products.

In broad-spectrum R IMART supplies a Feldspar/ Quartz to Japan for Fukushima Yogo – Japan, Which is used for Semi conductor Industries and Ceramic Industries.

We have a own source of MINES in Andhra Pradesh India.

Matchmaking Chemicals .

Barite Factory - Packing

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