Sea Food


RIM is a World wide buyers. It’s a fully equipped for all type of marine processing, farming and packing.

RIM group is one of the most esteemed exporting of aqua based products having more than 5 years of experience such as:

1. Prawn

    Tiger Prawns, white Prawns, Tiger Prawn Peeled, Tiger Prawn small and Tiger Prawn Jumbo.

2. Shrimps

    Deep Sea Shrimps, Aquaculture Shrimps.

3. Crabs

    Sea Crab & Mud Crab in Live.

4. Jelly Fish

    Found in Coastal area of Andhra Pradesh, India. Dried, Salted, 23 ppt(Salinity) Weight:300 gms/Piece.     Only the leg packing 20 litre plastic container or 15 kg carton boxes with permitted polythene bags.

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